Cadr Terms of Service

This document includes the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the services and products available through Cadr Company. for web solutions “”, referred to hereafter as “Cadr”. 

 General Terms

▪ Cadr reserves the right to suspend or terminate in whole or in part its services offered to the client if Cadr deems that those services have been used inappropriately.
Cadr also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to provide its services to anyone.
▪ Illegal Activities
Illegal activities include, but are not limited to, storing or distributing illegal copies of copyrighted software (e.g. games), warez sites, infringing copyrights and trademarks, violating Saudi Arabian laws and selling or distributing illegal contraband. 
▪ Internet Abuse
Internet abuse includes, but is not limited to, sending unsolicited emails, distribution of mass emailing programs, spamming, posting obscene or inflammatory messages or threatening other Internet users.

Under no circumstances, will Cadr be liable for any damages that may occur to the client. Cadr disclaims all warranties express, statutory or implied of any kind with regard to the services provided. The use of our services shall be at the client’s own risk. Cadr makes no warranties that its services will not be interrupted or will be error free, yet Cadr will endeavor to maximize the security and stability of its servers and to maintain maximum uptime, to the best of its ability. The client is not entitled to any indemnification for his/her inability to use Cadr’s services that may results from any reason, including but not limited to:
▪ Service interruptions.
▪ Misuse of services.
▪ Internet connection problems.
▪ DNS-related issues.
▪ Unauthorized access and vandalism. 

 Violations of this Agreement/the Privacy Policy

▪ Should a violation of any provision of this agreement or the policies or terms which are incorporated herein occurs, Cadr reserves the right to terminate the account without notice and without any refunds. The policy violating client will be legally held responsible for any damages to Cadr, including but not limited to: Cadr’s system, servers, reputation, business, services, networks, operations, or equipment.
▪ The client is not allowed to defame Cadr or any of its employees or managers. Instead, s/he is entitled to submit a complaint to the Saudi authorities. It should be noted that any attempt of defamation entitles Cadr to cancel the contract and refuse to offer the client any service whatsoever.
▪ Unless an authorized reseller, the client is strictly prohibited from distributing or reselling any of Cadr’s services without the express prior written consent of Cadr. 
▪ In order to secure the data of our clients, a security question and answer feature has been added to the client’s control panel in our site to verify the client’s identity whenever any sensitive data is required or whenever his/her membership e-mail is hacked or lost. Therefore, it’s very important that each one of our clients chooses a strong security question and answer that should be kept undisclosed at all times. [ ? ]
▪ We emphasize that it is your sole responsibility to maintain your account secure. You’re also solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account and for any attempts, authorized by you or not, to connect to Cadr using your account; this applies to your primary account and any secondary account associated with it. [ ? ]
▪ Cadr reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the client’s account at any time without prior notice; Cadr will refund to you the pro-rated portion of pre-paid fees attributable to the services not yet rendered as of the termination date.

▪ Circumvention:

It is considered a clear violation of our site’s terms of use if a client tries to circumvent any techniques used in the site’s client’s area. Should such a violation occurs, the client’s account will be deactivated. Since this situation results in wasting the company’s time on administrative and technical issues, a fine must be paid to reopen the account. 

 Financial Arrangements, Payments and Billing


▪ Payment Method

▪ Fees are paid before any service is activated.
▪ All fees are non-refundable.
▪ Full payment is necessary before any hosting service is rendered.
▪ Cadr accepts credit card payments (Visa, Master Card and American Express) and PayPal (
▪ We accept bank transfers only to our official bank accounts.
▪ Cadr shall not be responsible for any commercial transaction with any person outside of the official system adopted by our site. It should be noted that our commercial transactions are done only through the ticketing system, not through personal e-mails and other methods.
▪ Cadr shall not be responsible for any transfers, deposits or payments not done through its official accounts, which are listed on its site. Please note that we do not accept any cash payments. We only accept bank transfers to any of our official accounts.
▪ Cadr shall assume no responsibility for any errors in money transfers or bank deposits.
▪ When you make a certain deposit to pay a bill, you must confirm the deposit and inform us about it in no more than 48 hours.
▪ Handing money to one of Cadr’s employees or transferring it to his/her personal account is done at your own risk; it will be disregarded by us as we are not responsible, in any way, for money that is not transferred to one of our official accounts.

▪ Extra Features and Add-ons

▪ Extra features and add-ons can be added at any time.
▪ Regardless of whether you have used the extra features and the add-ons you have paid for, all fees paid for these features are non-refundable.
▪ Credit Card: Charges are assessed in real time for the current period and the upcoming period until the end of their billing cycle.
▪ The service(s) will be activated when a payment is received and acknowledged by the billing department.

▪ Renewal and Billing Schedule

▪ The client has a 7-day period prior to the due date for the renewal bill. When the client transfers the money to Cadr, s/he must provide the deposit details in a ticket to the customer service division so Cadr will be able to renew the service for a new term.
▪ When the client makes any deposit to pay a bill, s/he MUST confirm the deposit and inform us about it in no more than 48 hours.
▪ The client will receive an email reminder during the 7-day period in which s/he can pay the due bill. If no payments are made by the due date, the client’s account will be automatically deleted and Cadr shall not be responsible for any data loss or service cessation.
▪ A payment should be fully made or the client shall receive no service.
▪ If you know that you will have no access to the internet or will be on leave and you will not be able to communicate with us neither to fulfill your payment obligation by the due date, please make sure to notify us before we issue the bill. You also have the possibility to pay the bills before they are issued or add credit that covers the required payment in advance to your account.
▪ The service will be deactivated if the client fails to meet the deadline for the renewal fees.
▪ All transfers from outside KSA should be sent only to Al-Rajhi bank.
The receiving bank charges a fee of $8 that will be added to the total amount due on your bill (For example, if the amount due on the bill is $100, you should transfer a total amount of $108 as $8 will be deducted by the bank and $100 will be received by Cadr). Please note that your local bank may charge you extra fees. 
▪ Please note that Cadr, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change or modify its prices and the terms of this agreement at any time.
▪ All transactions shall be conducted in U.S. dollars as it is the main currency supported by Cadr. 
▪ The client must pay for a service by the time s/he places an order for it.
As to renewal, the client must follow up on the renewal of his/her account and pay for it on the same day the due bill is issued. If the client does not pay the bill, the following actions shall be taken:

1. The client will receive a message from Cadr reminding him/her about the payment considering that our billing system notifies the client automatically no less than 7 days prior to the issuance of the bill.
2. If the client still fails to pay, his/her account will be automatically deleted from our servers on the last day of the hosting period to free space for another client. Cadr shall not be responsible for the files or the contents of the expired account in any way.
3. Cadr may keep a backup copy of the client’s site for no more than two weeks and as a service that the client should pay for if s/he orders it.

▪ Credit Card Failure

▪ If payments fail to go through, the client will be informed about it through an email notification. The client will be granted two more days to process and complete the payment correctly. Please note that if the payment is unsuccessful within two days, the account will be SUSPENDED (service interruption). If payment is not received within 24 hours (the 3rd day), the account will be CANCELLED (services permanently disconnected) and an email will be sent notifying the client of the action taken on his/her account.

▪ Checks

▪ The money cannot be refunded after a check has been deposited into Cadr’s account.
▪ If the bank refuses to process a check as a result of your checking account no longer existing or not holding available/sufficient funds, the service will be discontinued and a complaint shall be immediately submitted to the responsible authorities.

▪ Account Reactivation

▪ If an account is deleted upon the client’s request or because the due bill wasn’t paid, Cadr may keep a backup of the site for a specific period. If the client desires to reactivate his/her account and the site’s backup is still available, then it will be reactivated only after the renewal fee is paid. However, if the client wants to get this backup copy and move it to another host, s/he will be charged for this service.
▪ If an account has been canceled for a period longer than the period in which the backup is maintained, the client will need to sign up for a new account.
▪ If an account was canceled due to privacy policy violation, Cadr will not reactivate the account, and shall not be responsible for any data or contents included in/associated with the account.

▪ Refund Policy

▪ All fees that have been paid for our services are non-refundable.
▪ If Cadr terminates an account due to privacy policy violation, there will be no refund.
▪ All monthly fees associated with additional services and add-ons are non-refundable. 
▪ All monthly fees associated with basic services are non-refundable.
▪ Fees associated with the licensing of Cadr CMS are non-refundable.
▪ Fees associated with registering and transferring domains are non-refundable.
▪ No refund of any kind will be made if the client’s license was terminated due to the violation of the terms of service or the license agreement.
▪ A money-back guarantee is applied to the new clients joining a shared hosting service within the following limits:

▪ The fees associated with dedicated servers services and its add-ons and half server service and its add-ons are not refundable
▪ In case of subscribing to one of the following shared hosting plans Blogger, Unlimited, Unlimited-Pro and Extreme the client has the right to cancel the plan and get full money back, no questions asked, on condition the client or the account did not violate any term of Cadr service agreement, service cancellation and refund should be requested within maximum 30 days from service activation date.

▪ Termination

▪ Cadr reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate a client’s account at any time. If an account is terminated as a result of a policy violation no refund of any kind will be made.
▪ Clients can terminate the service at any time within the limit of our terms. Termination requests should be submitted through our ticketing system to the customer service division.
▪ If the client requests termination, his/her account will be terminated immediately unless there were special Cadr precautions. If no precautions are present, Cadr reserves the right to terminate the service with no prior notice.
▪ If an account was terminated as a result of your failure to pay for a dedicated or virtual server or a shared hosting service, then Cadr will have the right to delete the site’s contents with no prior notice. The server or the space will be made available to another client.

▪ Indemnification

The client is does not have the right to seek indemnification from Cadr for any damage, personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of Cadr’s products or services, or any contents on a client’s site that violates a third-party’s rights including, without limitation, infringement of any copyright trademark, service mark, trade secrets, right of privacy or publicity or any other third-party right. The client agrees to indemnify Cadr against any fees or fines caused by these infringements and assume any other legal consequences that may result from such violations. 

 CadrCMS End User License Agreement

▪ Cadr CMS: Cadr CMS is a software program owned, including its database, by Cadr. Cadr owns all of the copyrights and intellectual property rights associated with software. It is prohibited to copy any portion of Cadr CMS by any mean or in any form. Cadr CMS is a non-free, proprietary, software program. You have to purchase an end user license from Cadr to use Cadr CMS. This license does not give you the right to sell or copy the software program.
▪ By installing Cadr CMS and using it on your website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned of this agreement, regardless of whether you order the license personally or that another party does so on your behalf whether it is a service provider, a Cadr CMS’s distributor or any other party that may represent you.
▪ It is strictly prohibited to use Cadr CMS in any way that conflicts with the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The non-compliance of the licensee with the laws applied in the KSA is considered a violation of this agreement.
▪ The software is licensed on a per domain basis. If you have purchased one license, you may ONLY install and use a single copy of Cadr CMS on one website (i.e., one domain only). You are not allowed to install two copies on the same domain, or on a sub domain using only one license. Any attempt to bypass this rule shall result in the termination of the license and the service agreement.
▪ When you purchase a license to use Cadr CMS, the license is granted only to you. You cannot lease, rent, sublicense, re-license, transfer or resell Cadr CMS to any other person/entity without Cadr’s express prior written consent.
▪ If you have a valid license to use Cadr CMS, you can install another copy on your website for testing purposes. This should be clear to us to avoid any measures that we might take for copyright and license protection. For example, the copy can be saved in a folder called “testdim” and should be protected by a firewall with a username and a password in a way that it won’t be accessible to your website’s visitors.
▪ Being granted a license for Cadr CMS means you own this license and can use the licensed software on your website indefinitely. You get with it an “upgrade license” that will enable you to upgrade the software program to any newer versions, if any are released, for free for one year; you can then optionally renew this license.
Please note that the client who uses our program in an illegal way then orders a license can only get an “end user license”, which entitles him to use the licensed version indefinitely but he will not be granted an “upgrade license” with it. If this client wishes to get an “upgrade license” he will only be able to do so by ordering it as a paid service.
▪ All clients who are interested in purchasing/using Cadr CMS should specify the domain to be licensed.
▪ All Cadr CMS’s PHP files are encrypted files, you are not allowed to try decrypting those files in any way.
▪ The “All rights reserved by Cadr” or “Powered by Cadr CMS” statements (or any similar statements) in Cadr should remain intact, unedited and clearly visible. You must not, in any way, modify, remove or hide any trademark, trade names, product names, logo, copyright or other proprietary notices, legends, symbols or labels of Cadr at the footer of Cadr CMS. Any modification/removal of the aforementioned proprietary notices is considered a violation of the terms of service which will prevent your access to Cadr’s services such as upgrades, development services and agreed-upon privileges. It is your sole responsibility to make sure that this rule is clear to any individual/entity through which/whom you might order Cadr CMS as they should adhere to it. If the client (or as mentioned before, any individual/entity that represents him/her) do so, Cadr retains the right, at its sole discretion, to either refuse renewing the license for him/her, or to accept his/her payment of a fine five times the current value(price) of the software.
▪ Cadr CMS should not be used in any way that violates the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, the violation of copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and patents as well as any kind of software piracy. 
▪ Any violation of the terms of service or the license agreement may result in the termination of the license by Cadr, at its sole discretion, with no prior notice.
▪ No refund of any kind will be made if the client’s license was terminated as a result of a violation of the terms of service or the license agreement.

▪ One year after obtaining your license, you have two options:

To continue using the version you initially got the license for, or to pay a certain fee to renew the “upgrade license” that enables you to get any new versions released during the year of renewal. You can terminate the license at any time by uninstalling the software program and deleting any of its copies in any way.

▪ You agree to the following:

▪ Not to publish, disclose, distribute, or make available Cadr CMS or any portion of it (including, but not limited, to its encrypted files, contents or any other information it incorporates) to any third party at any time whether during or after your license period and whether directly or indirectly without Cadr’s express prior written consent.
▪ Not to use Cadr CMS for any unlawful purposes or illegal activities. Cadr shall not be liable, in any way, for the violation of this rule by the client. The client is solely responsible for his/her site, its content and any activity that occurs on his/her account and their compliance with laws, rule and regulation. 

▪ Change of Licensed Domain:

As you own any end user license you have been granted for Cadr CMS, Cadr allows you to transfer your end user license to another party or to change the licensed domain under the following conditions:

▪ The removal of Cadr CMS from the old website (domain). The license will be terminated if you continue to run Cadr CMS on the previous domain.
▪ The transfer should be at least three months after purchasing the license.
▪ An “upgrade license” should be present and valid.
▪ Cadr CMS should never have been used in any illegal way on the new domain.
▪ This request can be submitted only once.
▪ After the expiry of the time-limited trial license, you should either remove the trial version of the software from the server or purchase a license to continue using it. 

▪ By using Cadr CMS and any related features/add-ons, you agree to the following conditions:

▪ You agree to be bound by all of the conditions in the terms of service agreement and in the license agreement because those also apply to your use of Cadr CMS and any features or add-ons associated with it, including, but not limited to, style templates, designs, blocks, accessory applications, modules and other extensions; those are referred to in the agreement as the “add-ons” of Cadr CMS.
▪ Cadr periodically releases paid add-ons for Cadr CMS that require a separate license to be installed and run. They are considered standalone software that can be added to Cadr CMS.
▪ Cadr add-ons are licensed to be used exclusively for Cadr CMS. You do not have the right to use these add-ons for any software other than Cadr CMS. When used for Cadr CMS, you can modify/edit these add-ons.
▪ A Cadr CMS add-on with a valid license remains valid regardless of the expiry of the license for Cadr CMS. Accordingly, if you have a valid license for a standalone add-on and your license for Cadr CMS expires, the license for the add-on shall still be valid until it expires. Similar to Cadr CMS, if the license for an add-on expires, the installed add-on will continue to run on your website; however, a renewal fee will be required if you wish to upgrade the add-on to a newer version. 

▪ Warranties and Technical Support for Cadr CMS:

▪ Cadr CMS, its contents or any files accompanying it are provided on an “as is” basis, no warranty with respect to its performance on the server and no other warranties of any kind, unless otherwise is expressly noted.
▪ Cadr is not liable for and does not pre-screen or monitor content placed on the websites using Cadr CMS and its add-ons or activities conducted on or through these websites. 
▪ Cadr provides a forum for its users under the name of “Cadr Community”, where experiences are exchanged between the users of Cadr CMS and sorted into categories. Cadr’s team responsibility is limited to its participation to the category dedicated for the technical support.
▪ Cadr, represented by its technical support team, is committed to providing a free of charge one-month maintenance and warranty service; including fixing any programmatic technical errors discovered in the software, or issues resulting from errors by the client; beyond that, Cadr provides paid “technical support” services.

▪ Paid technical support services are divided into two types:

▪ Troubleshooting:

Diagnostic fees should be paid prior to the diagnostic process [Non-Refundable]. The client will be informed later with the total cost required to fix the issue and after s/he approves this cost, the diagnostic fees already paid will be deducted from this total amount required.

▪ Consulting and Development:

Cadr provides “paid” technical support services. The cost of the required service(s) is calculated and communicated to the client to approve this cost and pay it prior to the implementation of the service.
NB To avoid recurring payments of money transfer fees each time you order a service and to accelerate the order process, you can always add credit, in advance, to your account at Cadr for current or future services.
▪ Please note that the use of the software shall be at your own risk. Cadr’s responsibility is limited to the replacement of the software or the refund of its price in some particular cases solely decided by Cadr, at its sole discretion.
▪ We will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any nature incurred as a result of the use of or the inability to use the services or products provided by Cadr, and whether or not Cadr is given notice of the possibility of such damages. This includes, but is not limited to, any personal injury, property damage, loss of data or any commercial damage/loss.
▪ This license grants you specific legal rights that might not be available to you at your country as rules and regulations vary across countries and jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or warranty contained in this document but this agreement is valid according to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
▪ Please note that our software is protected against piracy through an internal system by Cadr. Accordingly, you might receive an official e-mail notice from Cadr regarding the legal status and validity of your license. 

 Hosting and Server Services


▪ General Rights and Responsibilities:

▪ Cadr is committed to providing the best possible services to each of its clients and to developing those services on a regular basis in an ongoing effort to better serve our clients.
▪ Cadr is committed to informing the client, continuously and transparently, about the status of the hosting server.
▪ Cadr is committed to maintaining the security and stability of its servers and to 99.9% uptime.
▪ Cadr is committed to protecting and keeping the confidentiality of the client’s private information, and not to disclose it to any parties outside of Cadr, except in cases when officially required by law or law enforcement agencies; unless otherwise imposed by the situation, the client will be directly notified in those cases of data exposure.

▪ Payment, Renewal and Cancellation:

▪ The order is processed only after the fees of the ordered service are received. As to renewal, the renewal order is processed after the client pays the renewal fees; the client must follow up on the renewal bills to meet his/her payment before the due date.
▪ If the due bill is not paid, the client will receive a message from Cadr reminding him about the payment considering that our billing system notifies the client automatically no less than 7 days prior to the issuance of the bill. If the client still fails to pay, his/her account will be automatically deleted from our servers on the last day of the hosting period to free space for another client. Cadr shall not be responsible for the files or the contents of the expired account in any way
▪ Cadr may keep a backup copy of the client’s site for no more than two weeks and as a service that the client should pay for if s/he orders it.
▪ Please note that the last day for payment and renewal for clients enjoying our, fully, dedicated servers is the 26th of each month. If no payment is made by the end of the 26th, the service will be automatically discontinued. The client will be informed about the action taken through an email notification and also through an SMS if s/he is subscribed to our mobile service. There is no guarantee that a backup will be kept.
▪ All dedicated servers use the same billing system. Bills for all dedicated servers are issued on the 26th of the month. Therefore the monthly cost will be calculated starting from the day the server has been leased, which might be any day of the month, until the 26th of the same month when the bill for the new month is due. If the bill for the new month is not paid by the aforementioned day, the service will be automatically discontinued by the end of it (i.e. by the end of the twenty-sixth day of the month).
▪ If the client does not wish to renew the dedicated server service, s/he should submit a service cancellation request before the 20th of the month as the renewal bills are issued on the 20th of each month. If the bill is issued, the client will not be allowed to request a service cancellation and will be committed to renewing it. [ ؟ ] 

▪ Price Change, Special Offers and Coupons:

▪ Price Change: Once you subscribe to any of our hosting services or plans and pay the price at which it is currently listed, you should later pay the same amount to renew the service regardless of any modifications that might has been applied by Cadr to the price, whether a decrease or increase in the price. The client is not entitled to ask for any modifications in the amount required for renewal to match the new price unless s/he signs up for a new account. 
▪ Special Offers and Coupons: Cadr periodically provides special offers of two types: The first type is for new clients only. The second type is for current clients only. So, please note that each special offer has specific criteria and conditions.
▪ Coupons are only valid for new accounts; they become invalid after the renewal of an account.
▪ If you benefit from a discount coupon when you join a service, the discount will be valid ONLY by the time you subscribe to the service and it cannot be used for renewal. 

▪ Content of Websites/Servers:

▪ The client is solely liable for the content of its website.
▪ Some software and contents are strictly prohibited to be run on our servers and this applies to all of our hosting services (shared hosting, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers). Examples of these software programs and contents include but are not limited to: Mail Bombers/Spam, IRC, Proxy Scripts, Pirated Software/Warez, IP Scanners, Brute force Programs, Hacking Software, Cracks/Keygens).
▪ It is prohibited to publish and distribute any copyrighted material without the prior consent of the author/the copyright owner. If Cadr discovers that a website’s owner commits an intellectual property infringement, Cadr reserves the right to shut the website down.
▪ It is prohibited to use any unlicensed software or/and scripts. If an entity (or its legal representative) reports the unauthorized use of its proprietary products/services, Cadr shall close the website and ask the website’s owner to delete the software or/and script or to purchase a licensed copy from the author.
▪ Cadr prohibits the use of its services by any websites that promote, encourage or engage in hate speech, terrorism, defamatory behavior, pornography and objectionable behavior against any other individuals, groups or entities (including political entities). Any use of the services that conflicts with this term will be considered a violation of this agreement.

▪ Website Transfer to Cadr:

▪ Cadr offers a website transfer service that enables the client to move his/her website(s) from any other host to our servers. The hosting team is committed to providing the best services in regards to the transfer of the client’s data and to ensure the speed and security of the transfer process. The website transfer service is offered as an additional free of charge service when the client subscribes to any of our hosting services; nevertheless, Cadr is not always committed to providing the aforementioned service as some other hosting providers adopt complicated mechanisms to transfer the data which may make it difficult for our hosting team to effectively complete the transfer process. It is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure the website’s compatibility prior to the transfer process, as well as the safety of the files and databases after the transfer, considering that you can use our paid website transfer service.
▪ The client can request a free data transfer only within 30 days after the order date of a hosting service. Nonetheless, the client can use our paid website transfer service but can do so only once.
▪ Free website transfer is generally offered for shared or semi-dedicated servers for the first 30 days after the order date; it is offered only once.
▪ Free website transfer is always offered for all dedicated servers with the advanced server management level. The dedicated servers with the basic management level can only get a paid website transfer service.

▪ Data Loss and Backup

▪ The client is solely responsible to back up his/her website’s files (externally and not on Cadr’s servers). Cadr is not responsible for any lost files, information, or data. Cadr provides, to the best of its ability, daily, weekly and monthly backups (vary according to the type of hosting) but in some cases Cadr may not be able to provide the aforementioned service, those cases include, but are not limited to, the inability to complete the backup process or a failure of the hard drive. If such cases occur, Cadr shall hold no responsibility, so please make sure to keep an external back up copy of your website. (Please note that Cadr does its best to provide a reliable service; however, things might sometimes be beyond our control).

▪ Piracy and Hacking (though or against our servers):

▪ It is strictly prohibited to use Cadr’s servers for piracy or hacking attacks against any other networks, servers or websites. Cadr has the right to terminate the service of the client who commits such illegal actions.
▪ Cadr has the right to ensure the protection of its clients by taking any appropriate actions, at its sole discretion, with no prior notice or warning. In addition, Cadr shall not be responsible for any paid amounts or refunds if any attempt to harm any of its servers has been discovered.

▪ Shared Hosting Services:

▪ In a shared hosting service, a single server hosts multiple websites (of multiple clients) which all share the resources of the server without affecting its effectiveness. Cadr’s shared servers should only be used to host websites and their contents and files; they should not be used as download centers or to host archive or backup files or any type of contents beyond the scope of the websites. Cadr reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to shut down any websites that use the hosting space for any unauthorized purposes.
▪ Cadr is committed to providing shared servers all with similar server hardware and that all run on a stable network, to the regular maintenance and nonstop monitoring of the servers, and to providing a 24/7 technical support, only, for the hosting service. Please note that Cadr is not committed to providing a technical support service for the scripts hosted on a shared server; if such support has been ever provided it would be out of courtesy to the client. 
▪ Any attempt to penetrate or harm the server by one of the shared hosting accounts may result in the deletion of the website with no prior notice and no refund shall be made to the client. 

▪ Space Usage and Contents:
All shared hosting plans Blogger, Unlimited, Unlimited-Pro and Extreme gives you an unlimited space usage on condition all of the items included in the account are not beyond the website’s files and contents. Please note that some websites are not allowed to use the shared hosting accounts (video and/or audio websites, and download centers). You should not use a shared hosting plan as a space just dedicated for backup copies and archive files; you are also not allowed to save or keep the cPanel’s backup after it has created and downloaded in your cPanel account. If Cadr discovers that an account is used exclusively for one of the aforementioned purposes, the account shall be deleted with no prior notice and Cadr shall not be liable for anything.

▪ Monthly Traffic:
All shared hosting plans Blogger, Unlimited, Unlimited-Pro and Extreme gives you unlimited traffic on condition this traffic does not violates any term of Cadr service agreement.

▪ Number of Files:
All plans are restricted to certain number of files if exceeded the account is considered violating the agreement and should be upgraded to a larger service (the allowed number of files for every plan can be known through the shared hosting plans menu in our site), also you can know your current usage through the cPanel from “Inodes Usage” property.

▪ Resources Usage:
Every shared hosting plan has resource usage limit for RAM, CPU, Processes once any of these resources exceeded its allowed limit the site will stop for some time until the site load decreases below the maximum limit then the site will return to work, all this is done automatically without any intervention from the technical support, also you can know your current usage through the cPanel from “Resources Usage” property.

▪ Outgoing Email Messages:
Every shared hosting plan Blogger, Unlimited, Unlimited-Pro and Extreme is limited to an hourly sending limit (differs from one plan to another) this limit cannot be exceeded, if so, the messages will wait in a queue and will be divided over other hours depending on the quantity/number.

▪ Upgrading and downgrading:
The client can always upgrade or downgrade the hosting plan whenever needed. In upgrading the difference will be automatically calculated, but this is not applied to downgrading and the client is obliged to pay the full new plan value. We always recommend subscribing to the longest periods to get the best price.

▪ Backup:
Cadr provides daily, weekly and monthly backup service for the hosted sites through the cloud backup service CadrBS as a free service. Databases backup every 6 hours keeping the latest 12 copies together with a weekly and a monthly backup, the site files backup is done every 3 days keeping the latest 6 copies. In all cases the client is solely responsible for keeping the site files safe and to keep the periodical backup copies in a safe place. [ ؟ ]

▪ Semi-dedicated Hosting:

▪ The semi-dedicated hosting, also known as Semi-Dedicated Servers SDS; this hosting plan should only be used to host websites and their contents, they should not be used as to host files, backup copies or any type of contents that is beyond the scope of the websites. Cadr reserves the right to close, at its sole discretion, any websites that use the hosting space for any unauthorized purposes.
▪ A semi-dedicated server is shared by two clients only. The space and traffic are divided equally between both clients while the processor and RAM are the same for, and shared by, both of them. Each client should make sure that his/her use of the server’s resources does not negatively affect the other client or the effectiveness of the service (which may result in issues such as: slowness, service blocking or other performance issues). Each of the two clients can use the resources dedicated to him to host a maximum of three websites regardless of the size or the monthly traffic usage of these websites as long as these websites do not exceed the limits of his/her portion of server resources.
▪ Cadr is committed to providing full management, nonstop monitoring, and quick technical support for the SDS service. Please note that Cadr is not committed to providing a technical support service for the scripts hosted on a semi-dedicated server and that if such support has been provided it would be out of courtesy to the client. 
▪ Cadr provides (daily, weekly and monthly) internal backups (on a hard drive used only for backups) for the data on our semi-dedicated servers; it does not provide any external backups. It is the client sole responsibility to keep an external backup for emergencies.
▪ The client who chooses the semi-dedicated hosting service is limited to a certain usage and a certain portion of the service resources. If the resource limits are exceeded, Cadr suggest the transfer to a dedicated server as with a heavy usage it might be difficult to continue using a semi-dedicated server.

▪ Dedicated Hosting Service:

▪ Cadr provides a server leasing service for web hosting and other web-related purposes. The client can also use the server for other technology-related purposes such as Virtualization and Backup or any other authorized purposes as long as no harm is caused to other parties. Please note that Cadr does not allow the use of any of its dedicated servers for any purpose that violates the rights of/causes harm to any individual/entity. If such a violation is discovered by Cadr or reported by another party, Cadr will investigate the issue and an appropriate action will be taken accordingly (which may result in the cancellation of the service).
▪ The IP system used is IPv4. One IP is offered per server and its cost is included in the total price of the server. It is possible to order up to five IPs for a certain monthly price.
▪ If you wish to order more than 5 IPs, you can add 16 IPs at once as a monthly paid (per IP) service. Please note that this order requires the consent of the management team based on their assessment of the client’s needs for additional IPs. Authorization requests are processed within 72 working hours. 
▪ The client is solely responsible for the safety and reputation of his/her IPs, and for preventing their inclusion in the list of suspicious IP addresses (this might be the result of sending spam emails, hacking, internet fraud or any other malicious activity).
▪ All servers are limited to monthly traffic that is reset automatically the first day of each solar month. When the server reaches its last 500 GBs of allowed traffic, the client is contacted and notified about the need to upgrade, the client has the right to not upgrade, and so the server will be closed when the traffic reaches 100%, note that the upgrade should be for at least 3 months, after that the client can downgrade to a smaller traffic, upgrading to larger traffic is always available.
▪ A free basic level of server management is offered with all dedicated servers. This basic level ONLY includes technical support for hardware and network issues and excludes any other kind of technical support such as fixing operating system issues or any configuration-related issues.
▪ If the client is not able to manage his/her server, Cadr provides a paid advanced level of server management that includes all the technical aspects of the server. This level of management does not grant administrator rights to the client on the server; Cadr will be fully controlling the server to ensure the stability of the server and its performance up to the client’s expectations.
▪ The client is solely responsible to keep a backup of his/her data. Please note that an external backup should be kept for emergencies; with an internal backup (kept on the server) only, your data is still at risk. If the server gets hacked or encounters any hardware malfunctions, Cadr shall not be responsible for any loss of data. Please note that this provision does not apply to our backup service “CadrBS”.

▪ Technical Support for Hosting and Servers

▪ For technical assistance, please open a ticket with the hosting support division by logging to your client’s area.
▪ The hosting support division is available 24/7/365. 


▪ Cadr offers domain name registration services. Cadr also provides the client with the ability to manage his/her domain name(s) through his/her account control panel. [ ? ]
▪ Cadr is committed to facilitate the transfer of the client’s domain name to another company whenever s/he desires to. This is made easy by providing the client with the EPP code whenever s/he asks for; the EPP will be then sent to the client’s email, so he will be able to follow up on the transfer process through the links received.

▪ Domain Name Security and Theft Protection:
Cadr provides a (paid) theft protection service to protect domain name(s) against any theft attempts:
1. A domain name cannot be transferred unless a request is made by the client through the Client Area.
2. A domain name CANNOT be unlocked except by Cadr, even the client himself cannot unlock it. 
3. The client should enter the answer to the security question of his/her Cadr account in order to approve the request of unlocking the domain.
4. This service is available for all the domains registered by us or the domains transferred to us whether the domain is hosted by us or by any other company.

▪ Client ID Verification (for clients subscribed to the Domain Names Protection Service)

Our client’s identity is verified through his/her answer to the security question of his/her Cadr account. Nobody can modify this answer but the client himself/herself even if another person gets the client’s login details, hacks his/her e-mail or accesses his/her control panel from a public PC in case the client has forgotten to sign out. 
▪ The client must always keep his/her WHOIS information up-to-date; by regularly updating/modify it whenever it changes. [ ? ]
▪ Cadr shall be not responsible for the expiry of the domain name ownership in case the client did not pay the annual fees for which s/he received a reminder a month prior to the ownership expiry, as well as four consecutive reminders which are sent 7, 5, 3 and 1 day(s) prior to the expiry date. The due bill should be paid before the last day of the ownership period.
▪ Cadr is not responsible for the domains that were not registered through Cadr. If a domain name is not registered through Cadr, it is the client sole responsibility to follow up on the renewal of the domain name through the company that registered it or the client can transfer his/her domain to Cadr so s/he will be able to directly manage his/her domain name and follow up on its renewal.
▪ When you register a domain name through Cadr, the ownership of the domain belongs to the client, the client will have the right to modify his/her WHOIS information as well as to transfer and manage his/her domain at any time and in any way; Cadr is committed to assisting the client in achieving the aforementioned processes. 

 Backup Service (CadrBS)

Once you subscribe to one of our backup services, you get a full technical support in regard to the following:

▪ Installing or removing the client agent, and ensure the server compatibility with the client agent.
▪ Connecting your server with CadrBS network and identifying the partitions to be copied, as well as other configurations to make your backup work stable and safely.
▪ Assisting the client in managing the recovery process during emergencies.
▪ Updating the client agent and its extensions throughout the subscription period. (You might need to provide the login credentials to access the server).
▪ Provide recommendations and instructions to ensure the best possible user experience.
▪ The technical support is limited to the assistance in regard to our backup service CadrBS and excludes any issue beyond this scope.

▪ CadrBS Terms of Use:

▪ First of all, you should check the compatibility of your server with the service prior to your subscription (We can help you to verify whether they are compatible; please refer to our customer service division and provide your server information).
▪ If any critical changes are made to the system or the server; you should inform the technical support team to make sure that the service will continue functioning normally. We shall not be responsible if the service stops running on the client’s service in case we were not informed about these critical changes.

▪ Piracy and Misuse:

▪ Cadr tries, to the best of its ability, to provide a high level of security to its clients. Cadr does not accept any kind of harm, intentional or unintentional, caused by the client or any other third party.
▪ It is prohibited to use CadrBS for any purpose other than keeping backups and securing information.
▪ If any attempts of piracy or hacking by the client are discovered by Cadr, the service shall be terminated forever and no refund of any kind shall be made. The issue might also be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

▪ Reseller Policy

CadrBS can be resold to other parties by the original subscriber, this applies to both individuals and business entities; the following conditions must be met:

▪ The reseller must clearly inform the final client that the service is provided by Cadr. 
▪ Cadr is not responsible to provide technical support to the reseller’s clients. Unless subscribed as a business entity, any subscriber who resells the service must provide technical support to its clients.
▪ Cadr shall not be liable for any misunderstandings or financial issues that may arise between the reseller and its clients. Cadr deals only with the original subscriber.

 Cloud Rendering service


▪ Individuals and corporate

▪ The servers provided for Cloud Rendering services are to be solely used for rendering using one of the supported designing software. Clients aren’t entitled to use the servers for any other purposes in any way or try to bypass permissions or attempt permeation of data. 
▪ All servers used for this service are offered with regular administration for free, noting that regular administration includes technical support for the hardware and network, in addition to, designing programs compatibility and full installation of their requirements. Cadr isn’t requested to offer any other form of technical support such as resolving designing problems or offer recommendations or technical support for projects and/or anything else. 
▪ Clients are responsible for fully reviewing Cadr terms of agreement for designing programs and their supported plugins. Clients pledge to accept the service agreement and take full responsibility in case of violation. Please note that, Cadr isn’t responsible for misuse or violation of the terms of agreement. 
▪ This service cost is calculated hourly and clients choose the suitable number of hours they desire. If the requested number of hours is exceeded without requesting a renewal of the service or finishing the rendering process, the server will be suspended for 24 hours; maintaining its condition. If the service still isn’t renewed, it will be completely deleted and Cadr isn’t responsible for any data on the server or providing a backup for it. 
▪ This service is provided in the form of packages thus making unused hours irreclaimable financially or as extra hours to be used in the future. 
▪ Cadr offers for famous designing programs plugins which are stated on our website and service pages. In case a client wants to install other plugins, Cadr isn’t responsible for providing technical support for them in terms of installing or maintenance and clients are allowed to install them on their own. 

▪ Educational establishments and students

Cadr pledges its responsibility towards society, its development and active participation in enhancing and improving the educational process, and so, special programs were designed for educational establishments and students which includes, service that is more suitable to them in terms of features and facilitations.
▪ Educational establishments and students are responsible for providing all documents requested by Cadr which ensures the possibility of getting their specialized programs. Noting that, all documents should be valid, veritable, and authenticated by a recognized governmental or private facility. 
▪ It is not allowed to use Cadr programs for educational establishments and students in any form for material gain except when using distributors programs that are certified only by Cadr. 
If any violation for the terms of agreement for Cloud Rendering services is detected whether by Cadr or other parties reporting, Cadr checks the violation thus taking necessary actions which could result in ending the service provided for the client. 

▪ Cancelling the Cloud Rendering service

▪ Clients are entitled to cancelling the service 48 hours prior to the request activation time and the transferred sum is added to the clients account as balance. If time left for request activation is less than 48 hours, the service is neither cancelled nor is the cost added as balance.

  Hosting Distributor program


▪ Cadr is committed to all the terms of Shared Hosting Services which provide by Cadr and also:

▪ Providing all advantage of Distributors Program.
▪ Providing special discount for each distributor based on distributor level.

▪ Banding distributor have to:

▪ Client Should have a website that offers hosting services.
▪ The client should set hosting banner or Adv. which mention that the hosting service is by Cadr Company. Also the advertising mention that the client is one of authorized distributor of Cadr company who get special discount for Unlimited Hosting Plans.
▪ The client should set Cadr official logo in the footer of his website.
▪ The client should use cPanel and DNS of Cadr.

▪ No-Branding distributor have to:

▪ New Clients: Should buy 5 hosting plans at least to reach the first level of No-Branding distributors.
▪ Old Clients: will start discounts from the sixth website.
▪ Renewals for old accounts have the same purchase price for the first time.

▪ Violations could the distributor fall in:

▪ Violate branding or no-branding distributor the Distributors Program terms and conditions.
▪ Use Hosting services of the distributors which are violated of Shared Hosting Services terms. 

▪ Disclaimer, alerts and stop dependence:

1. Cadr doesn’t assume any responsibility of financial, legal or corporate that related to Distributor’s clients..
2. In case the distributor violate the Distributor Program terms and conditions

▪ The first phase: Alter distributor violation we gives him 48-hour to raise this violation. Otherwise it will be transferred to second phase..

▪ The second phase: Stop the discounts which were given for the distributor, In case of the continuation of the violation we will follow to the third phase. 

▪ The Third phase: Fully cancellation of the distributor adoption..

NB: Cadr may change/modify this agreement or any of its terms at any time; any modified/updated version of this agreement will be posted on this same page, so please be sure to check it regularly. 

Last updated on 11/12/2013